Slimming & Weight Loss

Chi is a knowledgeable acupuncture therapist who helps me with weight loss. Her treatment room is very clean and she follows hygiene very carefully. She is very friendly and helpful and helps me relax with additional massage after acupuncture. Would recommend it!

Deana K.

I visited Chi back in January 2015 as i had heard that acupuncture could improve female egg quality, at the time i had a rough idea of my hormone levels but not my level of fertility. By the end of 2015 i decided that the time had come to do further fertility tests, I did so and found everything to be good except for a slight blockage in one of my tubes. This may have reduced my chances by at least 50%, thus myself and Chi came up with a plan of action, regular acupuncture, a particular diet and her personal concoction of herbal tea (which she made up weekly for me), within a matter of months i fell pregnant thanks to the help of Chi and her excellent knowledge of fertility. I am now almost 5 months pregnant and patiently awaiting my little one. Thank you Chi you truly helped and your knowledge and genuine caring nature made a refreshing change from other practitioners out there.
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Patrick Roe
Heart Condition

I have been getting accupuncture from Chi for over 2 years.
I suffered from some anxiety and sleeping issues which have now completely gone. As well as the main improvements in my mental wellbeing Chi has kept a record of my blood pressure amongst other physical markers. I also have some inherited cardiovascular issues and my blood pressure has reduced from 140 (and above) over 100 to a steady 120 over 75 and it is often lower.

This has all been from Chi’s expertise in accupuncture and good advice during each session.
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Matt Pull
Nerve Damage

Chi treated me for a trapped nerve which caused a problem walking on my foot. She treated me with a combination of traditional and modern Chinese medicine, using acupuncture combined with electronic needles to regenerate my nerves.
The results were very good and with about 16 sessions I had recovered about 70% of sensation (combined with resting from running).
I highly recommend Chi to anyone seeking acupuncture as she uses many modern techniques that other practice’s do not try, such as the electronic needles (not as scary as it sounds!)
She is also a very friendly and intelligent character who you can chat about many subjects during treatment, and you feel very well looked after following a session. I have since recommended her service to many others.After I completed all my sessions I have almost completely recovered all sensation in my foot, just in time to go traveling, so thanks Chi!

Weight Loss

I have lost 2 stones in 2 months with Chi’s weight loss massage and acupuncture! Strongly recommended!!

Back Pain

I had tried different treatments, before I came to Chi Clinic. After 6 sessions of acupuncture and sports injury manipulation with Chi, my back pain has gone!


Following a miscarriage my partner and I tried for a year to have a baby without success. I came to Chi and after 3 sessions of acupuncture I fell pregnant. Chi also gave me a lot of advice on how to avoid a miscarriage.

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