I visited Chi back in January 2015 as i had heard that acupuncture could improve female egg quality, at the time i had a rough idea of my hormone levels but not my level of fertility. By the end of 2015 i decided that the time had come to do further fertility tests, I did so and found everything to be good except for a slight blockage in one of my tubes. This may have reduced my chances by at least 50%, thus myself and Chi came up with a plan of action, regular acupuncture, a particular diet and her personal concoction of herbal tea (which she made up weekly for me), within a matter of months i fell pregnant thanks to the help of Chi and her excellent knowledge of fertility. I am now almost 5 months pregnant and patiently awaiting my little one. Thank you Chi you truly helped and your knowledge and genuine caring nature made a refreshing change from other practitioners out there.