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Infertility Programme

Good nutrition is vital for a healthy pregnancy and baby. A personal nutrition plan can advise you on precisely what measures to take to give you the best possible chance of conception and healthy pregnancy.

Our nutritionists will work with couples to lay a solid foundation to improve egg and sperm quality and healthy fetus development.

Some of the ways we work with couples to achieve this are addressing stress reduction, hormone balancing, blood sugar control, and reducing free radical damage. Tests may also be carried out to check levels of crucial nutrients needed for fertility.

A nutrition consultation will involve a thorough review of your current and previous medical history, current and previous diet and lifestyle, and future goals. A manageable nutrition plan will then be created for you, tailored to suit your individual goals.

Our nutritionists regularly attend lectures and seminars to ensure their nutrition knowledge stays up to date, making the most informed and current recommendations.

WE Nutrition Corporate

Workplaces under stress

Nearly 18 million working days are lost each year due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety and 828,000 UK workers are affected. Covid-19 has just worsened the problem, with eight out of 10 UK adults experiencing stress because of the pandemic.

In sport, a healthy mind and body are considered critical for optimum performance. It is no different in the corporate world.

We take a measurable approach tailored around dietary advice and lifestyle to sustain and improve the performance of your staff and, therefore, your business. Our policy is wholesome, thorough, gentle and without the need for supplements.

Company-wide general wellness programmes for you to help your wider team

Ask us about our programmes to improve the whole workforce. WE Are Healthy works with HR departments to address the issues of most concern within each company.

WE Nutrition Bespoke

That particular dinner party and want to do something different, WE Nutrition provide you with a bespoke menu with full notes on each course to educate the benefits of their eating and health benefits. Each system will be tailor-made at request. We provide you full menu, ingredients, and instructions followed by a guest dining pack that contains the education notes – A great to get involved in cooking and education of the benefits of eating good foods.

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